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Finch Park Shelter Layout
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There are 5 shelters at Finch Park that are available for reservation. Shelters at all other City parks are open to the public on a first come first served basis. To inquire about renting the Robbins Recreation Center, please call us at 336-248-3960. **Please note that after we review and approve the rental, you will still need to log in and pay for the reservation to complete that request.

Reservation fees are non-refundable. Should a cancellation due to inclement weather be necessary, an alternative date may be scheduled, but must be done within three (3) business days, and can only be within the current calendar year.

Use the options below to sort through shelters and ballfields, and check their availability. Once you choose a date please select "Reserve Facility", and follow the instructions on that page. **Please note that city residents are those that live within the city limits of the city of Lexington, and non-residents, even though they may have a Lexington address, are not within city limits.**

Reservation Fees

Through 12/31/17

As of 1/1/18

City Resident

$15 for 3 hours


Non Resident

$30 for 3 hours


Tournament (1/2 day)



Tournament (Full Day)



Reservation Time Blocks


Mar - Oct

8am - 1pm 

12pm - 3pm

4pm  - 7pm 

Nov - Feb

10am - 1pm

2pm  - 5pm


Facility Rentals

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